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the Crucimaul


The Order of the Servants of Solemnity is an Uncloistered Monastic Order with the mission of waging spiritual warfare against evil. Members of the order perform exorcisms, deal with hauntings, and counter witchcraft used against people.

Membership is open to Adult Men and Women, Clergy or Laymen, of any CHRISTIAN denomination. The Rule of this order is very strict and members are required to adhere to it. The order does not ordain clergy so clergy members that enter the order have been ordained through other churches or organizations. Since these clergy members act as chaplains for the membership, it is very important that these clergy know how to perform the sacraments in a liturgical fashion.

Members are required to study, and learn ancient languages. Study occult practices (to fight against them) and learn how to recognize demonic influence or signs of evil spells and charms.

Members of the order use prayer, the Holy Sacraments, Sacramentals and Holy rites to wage this war. The presence of evil is real, even in this day and age and so a need has arisen for a group of devoted people to fight this type of evil, dedicating themselves to extreme knowledge and expertise in this field.

If you have interest in this type of devotion, read the rule of the order and pray about accepting the mantle. If you feel led to join this order, fill out the application and the local Abbot will contact you in a few days.

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