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Same Sex Marriage in the USA

February 19, 2010

Currently there are 5 (five) states that have legalized Same Sex Marriage. They are: Iowa, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Washington DC is scheduled to pass legislation allowing same sex marriage sometime this year (2010).

California had allowed same sex marriage from June 16th 2008 to November 4th 2008 under a Supreme Court ruling, however the California State constitution has since been amended to ban future same sex marriages. The state does however recognize same sex marriages from California during that date period, and other states that have legalized same sex marriage regardless of the time period.

New York recognizes same sex marriage from other states and countries but has a ban on same sex marriage being conducted in the state.

The Coquille Indian tribe in Oregon has legalized same sex marriages.

The following states have something called a same-sex union that is not recognized as a marriage but does afford similar legal rights to the domestic partnerships: Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin and Washington State. These unions are contractual and do not involve a traditional marriage ceremony but they do provide a good many of the legal rights afforded to married heterosexual couples. It is unclear whether these states recognize same sex marriages from the states that have legalized them.

The remaining states have not legalized same sex marriages and also do NOT recognize same sex marriage from other states or countries where they have been legalized. This means that a couple who is married in Connecticut moving to say North Carolina, will not be recognized legally as being married. It is also important to note that some states have prohibitions against same sex living arrangements which could lead to prosecution under those statutes.