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Prayer List: People
Please copy and paste these names into your own prayer list and remember to use our online Request Form to submit your own prayer requests to this list!








Linda M.(salvation & Health)

Jack C.(health, salvation, spirits)

Nick N. (health & vocation)

Rev. Andrew A.

Lynn M.(salvation, employment)

Amhas Gale(Health, Peace, Happiness, success)

Eloy Hernandez (Family, business, health)

Sammy & Wife

Colin & Nancy Campbell (and Kids!)

Reverend Terry & Family

Reverend Cheryl

Reverend Erin

Reverend Billy H. & Wife

Our U.S. and Allied Soldiers fighting the war on Terror

Our U.S. Leaders (for wisdom, equity, fidelity and humility)

Shirley S. & Husband

Jodi & Family

Patti & Family

Bud & Bae

Our Lady's Rosary Makers Guild

Reid Family

Kimberly & Family(salvation, health and happiness)

Kenney (His Eternal Life)

St. Brighid's Mission

Lori H. (Family, health, sick relatives, work)

Kenneth Hasty (Employment, School, ordination, ministry)

Taoiseach Tom Faulkenbury(Health, Ministry)

Tanaiste Alban (Family, Ministry, band)

Tanaiste Chiaromonte (family, health, ministry)

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