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Attention: Father Abbot Kenneth L. Hasty, S.O.S. was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Gregory Godsey on March 14th, 2010 at St. Peter's Free Catholic Church

Céad Míle Fáilte! (A hundred thousand welcomes!) This is the Official website of st. Mael's Reformed Celtic Church. Currently St. Mael's Reformed Celtic Church holds Sunday Mass at 11am Eastern Time at 1445 Chesterfield Road, Lewisville, NC 27023. Missals are provided for attendees. Come as you are and worship the Lord! St. Mael's Reformed Celtic Church is a Celtic Christian mission under the Episcopal See of the Reformed Celtic Church. We prefer to hold outdoor masses (where and when weather permits) and in the absence of outdoor mass, we prefer to celebrate the mass in a home church environment. St. Mael's does not own nor will it own any property or buildings, and the clergy are unpaid holding instead "day jobs" just like the laity. St. Mael's is a new church, always seeking new members and people to help scout great locations for mass, events and meetings. St. Mael's is a fully sacramental Liturgical church. . Enjoy your stay here as our guest, remember to view all the information we have to offer and keep in mind we do not feel that Celtic Christianity is the ONLY way to worship, it is simply OUR way to worship.

If you have interest in worshipping in the Winston-Salem North Carolina area contact the pastor Fr. Abbot Kenneth L. Hasty, S.O.S. (see about the pastor page for contact info). St. Mael's Welcomes ALL INDIVIDUALS regardless of background, denomination, race, gender, sexual preference, or creed to help us get the church formed. We are also looking for a regular meeting place so if you know of a great location to hold services at, let the Pastor know! God Bless and keep you and we look forward to seeing you!

You will note that we have added music for you to enjoy while you are visiting this site. To turn it off you can hit the stop button on the little player shown below. The song playing on this homepage is the "Celtic Alleluia" please enjoy! Alternately, you can scroll down a wee bit and use the embedded player to play techno music engineered by the pastor of St. Mael's.

Please Pray for our deployed Soldiers fighting the War on Terror!

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