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Statement of Faith
The following is MY PERSONAL belief, it is important to note that some points are in conflict with the R.C.C.

I could write a whole book as my "Statement of Faith" and be far less eloquent than those that came long before me. I believe that Jesus Christ was the ONLY perfect Man and do not believe that the Bishop of Rome is infallable on the word of God. One need only view the tragic mistakes "Ordered" by historical Popes who were supposedly infallable at the time they issued the instructions. I also believe that Women can be Ordained Ministers and can perform all the Sacraments just as a Man can. The Roman Church would disagree with me wholly on that point. I further believe in a Liturgical Mass as the correct way for ME to worship. I Believe that the Holy Sacrament of Marriage is a union through God, of one Man and one Woman. I believe that the Holy Bible was Inspired by God, guided by the Holy Spirit and written by Man. The Bible as we have come to know it today was originally Put together by the Nicene Council under the direction of the Christian Roman Emperor Constantine and that it was orginally written in Hebrew (Old Testiment) and Greek & Aramaic (New Testiment) I believe that repeated translations of the bible or "politically correct" versions are losing the original meaning in much the same manner that a fax of a fax of a fax is difficult to understand. I Use the Douay-Rheims bible which is an English translation of the Latin Vulgate (the Bible that came out of the Nicene Council). Please note that I do NOT feel this is the ONLY Bible, I just feel that it is harder to interpret scripture properly in a bible that has been Translated 20 or 30 different times. I would always caution People against a Bible with a Copyright. Man's word can be Copyrighted, the Word of God is public Domain. Please also bear in mind that Bibles with built in commentary or concordances will have a copyright on the text that has been added. I believe that Other Christian Denominations have an equal chance at Salvation. It is through Jesus Christ the Son of the Almighty ONE God that we are saved. Anyone believing that and earnestly trying to live as Christ teaches us will be saved.