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The Celtic Rosary

To Begin with, the Celtic Rosary is a Misnomer... This is actually the Celtic or Breton Chaplet.

A Celtic Rosary was actually the practice of reciting the Psalms every day. Knots tied into a rope helped the Monks keep track of the Psalms as they recited them.

This particular Set of prayers is Called a Chaplet because it is small, and relatively uncomplicated for recitation.

Description: A Chained or Rope Ring of 33 Beads, with a Celtic Cross (or Crucifix) attached to the Ring.

Revealed: Unknown

Origin: The Breton Reference describes this "Celtic Rosary" as a means of asking for God's Merciful Help and Protection. Each Bead represents one year in the life of Jesus Christ.

On Each Bead or Knot say: "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior, Have Mercy upon me, a sinner!"

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